#14: The Collection & Rosemary’s Baby (w/ Will Blanchard & Dana Lillie)

Page Off! Page Off! Page Off! We are thrilled to welcome back former East Coast NBC Page Will Blanchard (@willblanchard)! And you can’t have a Page Off with only one Page, so we are excited to also be joined by former West Coast NBC Page Dana Lillie (@lilliedana)! In this episode we discuss “The Collection” (S2E3) and “Rosemary’s Baby” (S2E3) and we talk all about cookie jars, Steve Buschemi, Carrie Fisher, and we have an East Coast vs West Coast Page Off!

Listen here: http://boardwalkaudio.com/talk30rocktome/14-collection-rosemarys-baby-w-will-blanchard-dana-lillie/

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